Projects which I lead

Nowadays, research is mostly funded by national and European agencies in the form of research projects. Here are the project in which I am/was leading.


Nov. 2020 - April 2024

Theme: Semi-supervised low-rank approximations


This ANR project aims at bridging the gap between supervised machine learning and unsupervised low-rank approximations understood as unsupervised learning.

What is funded

  •  PhD thesis of Rémi Cornillet on OT and dictionary-based LRA.
  • Vulgarisation project on NMF (comming soon)
  • Workshop on semi-supervised LRA


Dec. 2020 - Dec. 2022

Theme: Efficient optimisation algorithms for the Tensorly toolbox


This Inria AI project aims at bringing state-of-the-art algorithms to the tensor decomposition toolbox Tensorly in Python. See the project website for more info.

What is funded

Projects I am involved with

- ANR ULHYB, lead by Nicolas Ducros