Numerical Analysis and Machine Learning (L3)

Linear Regression, first order numerical optimization, logistic regression, deep neural networks.

Supports: N/A

at INSA Lyon, 2023-2024, département GE

Numerical Analysis (L3)

Linear Algebra, numerical optimization, discretization of PDE

Supports: N/A

at Ecole Centrale Lyon, 2022-2023, tronc commun

Statistical signal processing  (M1)

Theory of estimation, stationarity, ergodicity. Filtering of random processes.

Supports: N/A

at CPE Lyon, 2022

Convex Optimization for Sparse Approximations (Master 2)

Theory of convex optimization, gradient descent with constant stepsize, proximal gradient and dictionary learning, application to image inpainting.

Supports: [lien]

at INSA Rennes, 2019-21, parcours 5GM and ENSAI, Smart Data Master

Nonnegative Low-rank approximations (Doctoral School)

Theory of nonnegative least squares, algorithms for nonnegative least squares, nonnegative matrix factorization principles and applications.

Supports: [lien]

at ITwist 2020, Nantes, France

Dictionary Learning (Master 2)

Theory of dictionary learning, application to image inpainting.

Supports: https://gitlab.com/cohenjer/tp_insa-5gm_dl

at INSA Rennes, 2018, parcours 5GM

Probability and Statistics (Bachelier 2, L2),
sigma-algebra, probability space, random variables,
Markov Chains, Statistic tests.

at Faculté Polytechnique, UMONS, 2018


Convex Optimisation for tensor decomposition problems (L3),
tensor formalism, alternating constrained and unconstrained optimisation, application to fluorescence spectroscopy.

at UMONS, 2016


Undergraduate Mathematics (L1),

basic calculus and formalism, linear algebra, continuity and limits, integration.

at Grenoble-Alpes University, 2014-2015