Post-doc and engineer collaborators

- Caglayan Tuna, 2020 - 2022

Tensoptly project, for enhancing Tensorly with numerical optimization [link].

PhD supervision

- Serena Hariga, 2023 - ongoing (advisor: Denis Friboulet, co-advisor: Nicolas Ducros)

Joint reconstruction and unmixing of spectral images in medical imaging

- Remi Cornillet, 2020 - 2023 (advisor: Nicolas Courty)

Optimal transport and semi-supervised low-rank approximations

- Axel Marmoret, 2019 - 2022 (advisor: Frederic Bimbot, co-advisor: Nancy Bertin) 

Machine learning paradigms for music structure estimation

PhD co-supervision

- Nicolas Nadisic, 2018 - 2022 (advisor: Nicolas Gillis, co-advisor: Arnaud Vandaele)

Nonnegative sparse approximations

- Carla Schenker, 2018 -  (advisor: Evrim Acar)

Coupled matrix and tensor factorizations

- Cassio Fraga-Dantas, 2016 - 2019 (advisor: Rémi Gribonval)

Accelerating sparse inverse problems using structured approximations

Master and undergraduate interns

- Damien Lesens, 2024 (co-supervised with Bora Ucar)

Smallest Birkhov decomposition with tools from compressive sensing

- Joris Claude, 2023 (co-supervised with Raphael Dumas)

Tensor factorization for the study of walking patterns

- Serena Hariga, 2023 (co-supervised with Nicolas Ducros)

Hyperspectral image reconstruction from single-pixel acquisitions

- Abdelkhalak Chetoui, 2022 (co-supervised with Christophe Kervazo, funded by Nicolas Ducros)

Unrolled multiplicative updates for semi-supervised NMF

-Mathis Jeannot, 2021 (co-supervised with Simon Leglaive)

Analyse et transformation de scènes sonores captées pendant un événement sportif

- Florian Voorwinden, 2020-2021 (co-supervised with Axel Marmoret)

Metrics and representations for Nonnegative Tucker Decomposition applied in music structure inference.

- Kefan Sun, 2020

Randomized and accelerated alternating algorithms for tensor decompositions

- Victor Bertret, 2020

Machine Learning with tensor networks

- Haoran Wu, 2020

a) Optimal transport and coupled matrix factorizations

b) NMF, beta-NMF and convolutive NMF for automatic music transcription

- Alexis Gagoud, 2020

Learning transformations in MIDI with sparse coding

- Marius Lumbroso, 2020 (advisor: Nancy Bertin)

A deep neural network for automatic music transcription

- Axel Marmoret, 2019

Multichannel automatic music transcription

- Thomas Cusson, 2019

Dictionary-based spectral unmixing

- Sebastien Ferreira, 2018

An empirical study of shallow networks for interpolation